T 380
With its optimum upper boom reach and movable jib (RUESSEL), the new STEIGER ® T 380 fully attains its peak performance level in the upper working height range. With amazing agility such as this, assignments can also be carried out behind objects without any degree of difficulty.
T 380
Same object, different working position; the incredible agility of the HEIGHT performance boom system can be seen here: 180° swivelling range of jib -RUESSEL ®- and 180° swivelling range of upper boom = unprecedented versatility
T 380
This picture illustrates the amazing performance capabilities of the T 380- 31 m lateral reach, fully-variable support mechanism, and enormous upper boom length. The movable jib -RUESSEL ®- and rotating/telescoping work cage provide maximum agility at the job site.
T 380
Mounted on an 18 ton, four-wheel drive chassis, this STEIGER ® T 380 moves smoothly and effortlessly over rough and uneven terrain. It is absolutely ideal for assignments in remote, out of the way places.
T 380
The STEIGER ® T 380 has a working height of 38 m, 31 m lateral reach, and is mounted on an 18 t double-axle chassis. The total vehicle length is a compact 9.76 m.

Discover new dimensions

  • 38 m working height
  • 31 m lateral reach
  • 9.76 m total vehicle length (depends on vehicle type)
  • Top performance data due to multi-bevelled boom technology
  • Work “behind” objects using movable jib (RÜSSEL ®)
  • Generous 600 kg working cage load capacity
  • Working below ground possible
  • Enter and load working cage at ground level with “Lift-Up-System”
  • Automatic set-up/ retraction mechanism at the push of a button
  • Aluminium working cage can be extended hydraulically
  • Maintenance-friendly boom system
Working height
38,00 m
Lifting height
36,00 m
31,00 m *
Permissible inclination
Total height
3,95 m
Total length
9,76 m
Swivelling angle of upper boom
Swivelling angle of the jib / RÜSSEL®
Permissible total weight
18.000 kg
Work basket size
2,42 x 0,97 m
Maximum work basket size
3,82 x 0,97 m
Work basket load capacity
600 kg
Range of rotation

* depending on load, angle of rotation and outfit