T 510 HF
The picture shows RUTHMANNs highflex STEIGER ® T 510 HF - a further development of RUTHMANNs highly successful HEIGHT performance-STEIGER ®. The revolutionary, world champion performance specifications are what make this STEIGER ® model so special - 51 m working height combined with 33 m outreach, which - coupled with a 2-axle chassis – can be found nowhere else on the working platform market. Such performance data were previously possible only on a 3-axle chassis.
T 510 HF
A rotation angle of the working basket of 440° is possible with the highflex working basket feature of the HEIGHT performance-models with the suffix HF. This gives operators the advantage to telescope over objects and to then adjust the working basket position completely as required, even in a lowered or bent working basket boom position. Thus, the entire width of the telescopic working basket has been made possible. The telescopic boom system can be adjusted more exactly than ever before for use at masts, overhangs or buildings.
T 510 HF
The basket rotation angle of 440 ° enables working from behind objects that were previously reached through -up and over and back-.
T 510 HF
The T 510 HF features 12 m total underground -working depth-.
T 510 HF
The telescopic system of the upper boom has been further extended to provide operators of th T 510 HF with even greater versatility. The maximum upper boom length gives the operator the reach capabilities needed when working up high. With the revised telescoping upper boom system, highflex operators now have an additional 2.5 m of upper boom reach at their disposal. The maximum total length of the telescoping upper boom system with jib is now 18.5 m.

REVOLUTION in the 18 t class!

  • 51 m working height
  • 33 m outreach
  • 10.40 m  total vehicle length (depends on vehicle type)
  • Top performance data due to multi-bevelled boom technology
  • ‘Standing’ working basket
    perfect for ‘under and up’ as well
    as all possibilities of ‘up and over
    and back’ during lowered
    RÜSSEL ®
  • Generous 600 kg working cage load capacity
  • Working below ground possible
  • More possibilities with the special features HEIGHT performance
  • Automatic set-up/ retraction mechanism at the push of a button
  • Aluminium working cage can be extended hydraulically
  • Maintenance-friendly boom system
Working height
51,00 m
Lifting height
49,00 m
33,00 m
Permissible inclination
Total height
> 3,75 m
Total length
10,40 m
Swivelling angle of upper boom
Swivelling angle of the jib / RÜSSEL®
Permissible total weight
< 18.000 kg
Work basket size
2,42 x 0,97 m
Maximum work basket size
3,82 x 0,97 m
Range of rotation