• The sale of the RUTHMANN GmbH & Co. KG to the TIME Manufacturing Group in February will pave international channels and significantly expand the service network.
  • With the new compact 30 m STEIGER® T 300 XS, RUTHMANN presents a short machine for urban use with increased performance data.


  • With the STEIGER® T 700 HF, RUTHMANN marks a new trend for more compact machines. The STEIGER® T 700 HF reaches 70 meters working height for the first time on a 4-axle chassis which is shorter than 12 meters.
  • In the same year, RUTHMANN acquires the American company Reachmaster and acts from now on as RUTHMANN Reachmaster NA L.P. on the American market.


  • With the RUTHMANN Ampero TBR 250 E, RUTHMANN goes the step to the first worldwide fully electric truckmounted working platform with 25 meters working height. Working platform und chassis use the same battery and can be easily charged such as a car.
  • In the hybrid machine range, RUTHMANN piles the fire up with the TB 270 and offers also in this segment a truck-mounted working platform relying on both drives.
  • At bauma 2019 RUTHMANN pre-sents the new TB/TBR range on 3.5 t chassis. The 30 m mark is reached for the first time with the TB 300.
  • The TBR 260 disposes of a Rüssel and now reaches 26 meters working height on a 3.5 t chassis.


  • With the development of the Dynamic Reach System (DRS), RUTHMANN achieves a quantum leap in terms of outreach optimization and a significant performance increase of the machines equipped or retrofitted with it.
  • With the Sky Performance STEIGER® T 900 HF equipped for the first time with DRS (Dynamic Reach System), RUTHMANN once again breaks records: 42 meters outreach and an upper boom length of 33 meters.

  • RUTHMANN founds the RUTHMANN North America LP and expands the sales network in North America.
  • With the ECOLINE 180 hybrid, RUTHMANN for the first time launches a truck-mounted working platform on the market both powered with diesel or electric engine


  • Autumn 2017: Foundation of RUTHMANN Schweiz AG
  • Spring 2017: Boarding completed: 3.5 t STEIGER® TBR 250 is ready for takeoff.
    With a working height of almost 25 m, combined with a 16.5 m lateral outreach (at 100 kg basket load), the TBR 250 is simply the best performing truck mount with jib (RÜSSEL®) in the 3.5 t-chassis category.
  • At the Apex trade show in Amsterdam RUTHMANN presented the newly developed RS 240 RUTHMANNECOLINE with EASY Stabilizing System and Anti-Entrapment System. RUTHMANN also presented the 160, 180, and RS 200 ECOLINE models. The innovative new RUTHMANNBLUELIFT series (SA 26 model) also made its debut.


  • RUTHMANN presents the highflex“ STEIGER® models T 650 HF (65 m working height and 43 m lateral outreach) and T 750 HF(75 m working height and 41 m lateral outreach) and the TB 290. This STEIGER® is the most powerful working platform mounted on truck in the 3.5 t segment with a sensational working height of 28,6 m.
  • Foundation of RUTHMANN Italia S.r.l.
  • Spring 2016: RUTHMANN presents at bauma with the STEIGER®  the T 510 HF and T 570 HF further developments of their very successful HEIGHT performance-series.
    The highflex STEIGER® T 510 HF offers world-record performance: 51 m working height on 18 t/ 2 axles! 


  • RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 360 and T 170 make world debut at Platformers‘ Days
  • RUTHMANN‘s new “Cockpit” – technology that inspires! User-friendly and practical display/control technology in the baskets of RUTHMANN STEIGER® aerial work platforms.
  • HEIGHT performance-STEIGER® T 480 and TB 270+ celebrate their world premiere at Intermat.


  • Spring 2014: CARGOLOADER ® RCP 75 (GVW of 7.490 kg) is presented.
  • RUTHMANN presents the STEIGER ® T 190 and T 230.
  • HEIGHT performance-STEIGER ® T 400 celebrates world premiere. 
  • Autumn: Presentation CITY-STEIGER ® TU 285, mounted on a 7,49 t-chassis.
  • The Ministry of Economics NRW honours RUTHMANN as the manufacturer for the most innovative working aerial platforms.
  • October: RUTHMANN was awarded as finalist at the "Grand Prix of medium-sized businesses" in 2014.
  • IAPA Award: HEIGHT performance-STEIGER ® T 720 wins the "Oscar" in the work platform industry and
    Josef Hollstegge received the distinguished "IPAF-Trainer" of the Year Award.


  • STEIGER ® TBR 220, mounted on a 3,5 t-chassis makes it world debut. With 22 m working height and 16.4 m lateral reach this STEIGER ® model features performance capabilities that, up until a few years ago, were only available in the 7.49 t truck category.
  • HEIGHT performance-Baureihe is supplemented by: T 380, T 630 and T 720
  • T 540 wins Product of the Year Award at the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPA).


  • RUTHMANN presents its first models of the HEIGHT performance-series: T 460 and  T 540
  • STEIGER ® T 330 wins Product of the Year Award at the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPA).


  • RUTHMANN acquires die TIME Deutschland VERSALIFT GmbH.
  • STEIGER ® T 330  makes it debut (with 33 m working height is performance data world champion in the 7.49 t chassis category.


  • Presentation: CARGOLOADER ® RCP 35 with a gross vehicle (GVW) of 3.5 tons.
  • Rolf Kulawik becomes general manager. The previous general managers, H. Winkelmann and H. H. Buss remain co-owners of RUTHMANN.
  • To compliment the well-known logo and lettering RUTHMANN adopts the new slogan "professionals at work"
  • STEIGER ® TBR 200 and  TB 270 (with maximum performance data on a 3.5 t chassis) make their world debut at the bauma trade show.


  • Foundation of RUTHMANN F I N A N C E GmbH & Co. KG.


  • RUTHMANN produces the 10,000 STEIGER ®. and sells it on eBay to support a non-profit children association (Herzenswünsche e. V.)
  • Due to internalization, RUTHMANN's Hubwagen is now called CARGOLOADER ®.


  • STEIGER ® T 270, the first model of the new T-series generation with the innovation variable turret.


  • New managing dire Heinrich Winkelmann and Heinz-Jürgen Buss.


  • STEIGER ® TB 180 and TB 220 with maximum performance data on 3,5-ton-vehicles


  • STEIGER ® TTS 1000 (Working height 100.4 m)


  • RUTHMANN STEIGER ® TU 700 (Working height 70 m)


  • RUTHMANN STEIGER ® TTS 590 (Working height 60 m)


  • RUTHMANN STEIGER ® MTS 300 (Working height 32 m)


  • RUTHMANN STEIGER ® with upper boom (articulation RÜSSEL®)


  • RUTHMANN STEIGER ® with telescope


  • Production of the first RUTHMANN STEIGER ®


  • Production of the first RUTHMANN HUBWAGEN (now called CARGOLOADER ®)


  • Founding of Company