MATECO sets new Standards with the STEIGER® T 650 HF on highflex Technology from RUTHMANN

With the delivery of the new STEIGER®s T 650 HF to mateco in the Netherlands, customers there can now also benefit from the HighFlex advantages.

The many possibilities offered by the RUTHMANN HF system are complex and not always easy to explain in a consultation or on site.

In order to remedy this, mateco decided to produce a video that impressively shows the advantages and also offered the opportunity to test the machine extensively.


With a lateral outreach of 43 metres, the STEIGER® T 650 HF is the STEIGER® with the highest outreach ever built. In combination with the HighFlex technology - which allows the working cage to rotate 180° - fantastic and unprecedented application possibilities arise. For example, it is possible to work across a building on the back side of this building as if the working platform was placed on exactly this side of the building. In practice, this opens up possibilities where previously it was either not possible to use a working platform at all or the ground at the back of a working platform at all or the ground at the back of a building had tob e elaborately stabilised with steel plates or excavator mats.



With this flexibility, buildings and facades can now be completely driven down in the shortest possible time, ideal, for example, for inspecting the building structure or assembling components. With a cage load of 600 kg and a working cage that can be telescoped to a width of 3.82 metres, the T 650 HF is also ideally suited for this purpose. Although nothing was mounted during the video shoot by mateco, the reach and the HighFlex functions of the machine were tested extensively. The compact overall length of the STEIGER® was also helpful during the shoot, because with a vehicle length of just under 12 metres, it was able to easily pass the relatively narrow road to the site.

A successful video shoot in which the STEIGER® T 650 HF completely fulfilled the high expectations of mateco in the Netherlands. The video of the operation is available online on YouTube.