DRS tops previous ranges of the Highflex STEIGER® T 750 HF

Ruthmann Steiger T 750 HF with DRS
RUTHMANN presented its Highflex STEIGER® T 750 HF with DRS at bauma in Munich. The DRS offers enormous added benefit that is unique to this truck work platform.

Work platform manufacturer RUTHMANN reports in this PR article on how it has once again increased the already high performance data of its successful Highflex series in order to generate even more application flexibility.

Last year RUTHMANN presented a groundbreaking quantum leap in control technology with its DRS (= Dynamic Reach System). The manufacturer had first fitted the innovation model ‘SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF’ with this technology.

Now this range maximiser will be used in Highflex STEIGER® T 750 HF as optional equipment and promises to add up to 4 m range and thus more application flexibility at great heights! But that is not all: the DRS can also be retrofitted on the models T 510 HF, T 570 HF and T 650 HF in the popular HF series.

In summary the function of the DRS can be described as follows:
The DRS maximises the STEIGER® performance with on-board range calculation in real time based on individual STEIGER® configuration. Thus the DRS achieves the best performance data from the equipment regardless of the support position, basket load or boom position used! 

The DRS thus generates more working area, more range and thus more application flexibility. This generates more utilisation, turnover and faster ROI for the renter.

Overall DRS offers enormous added benefit that is unique in the truck platform sector. A quantum leap in RUTHMANN control technology. For more information at RUTHMANNDRS please click here.

The T 750 HF stands out on the market with its outstanding performance data, even without the DRS system. This great performance data is easy to see in the 3D model shown here. The grey area represents the performance data of a competitor product, which is already surpassed by the T 750 HF without DRS (green area). Then finally the T 750 HF with DRS surpasses both performance areas by far, as shown by the orange area.

In figures this means: the T 750 HF previously had a working height of 75 m with a maximum lateral range of 41 m. 75 m of work height was achieved, even with a basket load of 320 kg, which provides a clear advantage when working, for example, in wind parks. But when using DRS even this performance data is topped. Thanks to DRS the flagship of the Highflex series can achieve up to 4 m more range at that height with a massive 600 kg of basket load. This is an enormous advantage when using the RUTHMANN large-scale equipment.

Comparison of the performance areas T 750 HF
Compare the performance areas in the 3D model. The grey area represents a competitor model, the green the T 750 HF without DRS and the orange area represents the performance data of the T 750 HF with DRS

New added options for DRS:

DRS has much, much more to offer if required. Besides the basis package: range maximisation of the STEIGER® type, RUTHMANN has three additional options. The optional systems for increased application flexibility are: ‘Wind’, ‘Added basket load’ and ‘Support load’.

Clients who choose the system with the added option ‘Wind’ can even use the truck work platform in stormy weather up to wind form 8, which increases usage days because use was previously only guaranteed up to wind force 6. The user can set the maximum permitted wind force in advance. The DRS then adjusts the possible range taking into account maximum platform stability.

Ruthmann Steiger Korb
When other platforms are grounded the STEIGER® with DRS can be used in conditions up to wind force 8. This increases the actual service days per year.
Ruthmann Steiger basket
selecting basket load before staring work so that, for example, weight can be added at maximum load.
Ruthmann Steiger T 510 HF
Previously inaccessible areas such as bridges, parking decks etc. can now be considered, even with large-scale equipment from the HF series.
DRS Logo
This DRS logo symbolises RUTHMANN’s control technology, which can currently be used on both the T 900 HF and T 750 HF. And it will be available in the future for the entire Highflex series.

The additional option ‘Added basket load’ also results in an increase in possible use. Here the user can choose in advance between 3 levels of cage load: deactivated, 320 kg or 600 kg. In this case the onboard real time system reacts with direct calculation of the resulting possible range.

Last but not least the customer can choose the added option ‘Support load’. With this option the maximum support load can be set individually for each support prior to starting work. The operator has the choice of a full 6 levels: 50 %, 60 %, 70 %, 80 %, 90 % and 100 % of maximum support load. In use this reduces the point-by-point support load or the surface pressure under the support.
This has the advantage that it allows use in areas that could not previously be accessed, such as bridges or car parks.

Of course, and typically for RUTHMANN, it is not only T 750 HF customers who can profit from the DRS advantages. The DRS can be ordered directly when purchasing the truck work platform for the entire Highflex series (T 510 HF, T 570 HF and T 650 HF). And if you already have a Highflex STEIGER® in your fleet then you needn’t go without the added range and optional assistance systems either. All the models in the Highflex range can be retrofitted with the Dynamic Reach System. For detailed information on the retrofitting campaign please contact RUTHMANNSERVICE.